Thematic Areas 2018

#New UrbanMobility

Smart parking &Traffic Management

Smart Parking: Integrated Parking and Urban Mobility
The digitalization of management processes: innovative technologies and emerging solutions

  • Traffic management systems
  • Infomobility solutions and new APPs
  • Innovative parking solutions
  • Infrastructure and technologies
  • Parking management
  • Big data and analytic
  • Financing for smart parking (PON Metro, Environmental Connection)

Smart Payment

  • Mobile Payment & Commerce between Remote and Proximity
  • EMV c-less bank cards for electronic public transport ticketing
  • Mobile Payment: first major international players arrive in Italy
  • The implementation of the PSD2 in Italy through Legislative Decree n. 218/2017: the impact on ticket payment solutions through telephone credit
  • How are P2P mobile payment solutions evolving?
  • A possible use of the Blockchain for ticketing systems: between tokens and smart contracts such as efficiencies and value-added service

Conference: Evolution of electronic ticket systems

Programme tbd

Innovation in public transport

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