Thematich areas 2018

#Mobility Access and Services

Beyond ownership: sharing mobility, pooling mobility & fleet management

Sharing gets you further

  • Car Sharing, Bike Sharing and Van Sharing
  • Taxi and Rental with driver (NCC)
  • Short, medium and long-term rentals: innovations and adaptation of the corporate market
  • P2P solutions without intermediary
  • Will sharing save the TPL?
  • Mobility as a service: new approaches integrated to corporate and shared mobility
  • Fleet Management: management platforms and choices of safe and sustainable mobility
  • Alternative supplies and their use in company fleets
  • Fleets and commercial vehicles
  • The role of brokers serving the corporate car market

Technical Session

Aftermarket and service

  • Marketing strategies to intercept the demand
  • Scheduled maintenance and preventive intervention services
  • Full service with vehicle status monitoring
  • Poolling of the procurement of components and consumables
  • Telematic products for the aftermarket and customer relations
  • New services (compliance, substitute vehicles, short and medium term rental, set-up, single hub for equipment maintenance, e.g refrigeration systems)