Thematic Areas 2018

#Sustainable & Intelligent Vehicle

Electric Mobility

II Edition – National Forum about Electric Mobility

  • Battery and fuel cell power supply
  • Charging stations: the challenge of quick charging
  • Infrastructures and networks for the development of electric mobility in Italy
  • National laws and local directives for the development of an infrastructure network
  • Projects launched in the cities
  • Energy Management
  • Trends and business models
  • Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G)
  • Strategies for integrating electric vehicles into fleets
  • The development of electric mobility in the Piedmont Region

Connected Car

  • Global trends in connected cars
  • 5G Connectivity: Opportunities and new business models
  • On board telematics & Car Sensor
  • Hyper-connected Infotainment / Entertainment
  • Telematic Insurance
  • The role of telecommunications providers and public bodies
  • Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI): how they are transforming intelligent mobility
  • Vehicular cybersecurity
  • Data ownership, privacy and monetization
  • Blockchain for Automotive

Automomous Cars/Vehicles

  • Automated driving & parking
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • System integrators and module providers
  • Innovative content specialists
  • Standardized parts and components
  • Rules and regulations for autonomous vehicles
  • Test environments in an almost -real and real environment

Driving Safety

Safe driving and active safety

  • Road safety: systems and technologies
  • Emergencies and eCall system
  • Telematic insurance, telemonitoring of driving behavior
  • European road safety policy: policies, programs and objectives for 2020: the main actions and the corresponding planned interventions and the corresponding interventions of the ITS National Plan on applications and systems for road safety
  • Active vehicle safety systems: from the aids to the guide to the total automation of the driving behaviour
  • Design and materials for safety: zero degree of vehicular safety and excellent solutions that save substance and form
  • Passive systems for damage limitation: from the air bag to the integrated approach
  • Roadside systems and aids and integration with vehicle systems: where we are with technology, solutions and investments?
  • Build and maintain for safety: the forgotten chapter of road safety

Technical Session

Natural gas for Green Mobility

The relaunch of the Natural Gas supply chain: Biomethane and LNG

  • Biomethane for automotive use
  • Prospects for the development of biomethane: introduction into the network or LBM (Liquified Bio Methane)?
  • Dual Fuel retrofit
  • Integration in the distribution process of the CNG and LNG supply chain
  • Applications for sustainable logistics