Thematic Areas 2018

#SmartRoad & Infrastructures

Smart Road

  • ITS, Smart Road, Railways: projects under development
  • Infomobility systems, sensors and systems for surveying the state of infrastructures (bridges, viaducts and tunnels)
  • Vehicle-infrastructure connection technologies (M2M, Internet of Things) in view of an automatic driving.
  • Smart Lighting
  • Projects developed by motorway operators
  • Build the infrastructure necessary to support the use of sustainable and intelligent vehicles

Smart City

  • Digital Transformation, Data Analytics
  • Cloud Computing
  • Open Data & Open Geo Data
  • Connectivity
  • Digital Marketing for Automotive
  • Digital Mobility
  • Digital solutions and services
  • Cybersecurity for critical infrastructures
  • Cybersecurity applied to vehicles
  • Drones for observation and monitoring
  • Smart & Video Security
  • IoT Platform and IT Security against Cyber ​​Attacks
  • Urban Air Mobility